Early life and education

Y. S. V. Datta was born 24 June 1954 in Yagati, Kadur Taluk, Chickmagalore District.

Positions held

• General Secretary, Janatha Dal (Secular ) Party, Official Spokesman, Janata dal 2001-2007.

• Member of Legislative council 2006-2012.

• Member of the Legislative Assembly from Kadur 2013

MLA Election Defeat

• Member of the Legislative Assembly election 2018 from Kadur

Born 11 October 1902 Sitab Diara, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India
Died 8 October 1979 (aged 76) Patna, Bihar, India
Nationality Indian
Other names JP Narayan, Jayaprakash, Loknayak
Organization Indian National Congress, Janata
Political movement Indian Independence movement, Sarvodaya movement, Emergency movement

About jds

The Janata Dal (Secular), formed in 1999, had its origins in the Janata Party, founded in 1977 as a coalition of several smaller parties that combined forces to oppose the Indian National Congress.[8] In 1988 the Janata Party and other smaller parties merged to form the Janata Dal.

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